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My name is Adrian Schlemmer and I am a collector of Japanese Swords (Nihonto) and related items. My collection has been built up over the last 30 years and now is the time to sell some of my favourite pieces to finance a new business. I've also recently been given a large collection to sell on consignment. Please excuse the large bold text as this site is designed to be clearly viewed on Smartphones and Tablets.

Although I am definately not a full time dealer I have done some trading and many of you in the Nihonto community would know me. These pieces are from my private collection, many have been displayed at various sword enthusiast's events. The swords are papered by leading authenication groups, many in new polish and many are beautifully samurai mounted. Please take the time to view my offerings and don't be shy to send me an email and discuss terms if you have any interest. Viewing items can be arranged by appointment only, please see Contact Me for details. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST, overseas buyers may deduct 10%

If you have a nice sword or Samurai item for sale I will sell quality items on consignment. Please visit my Terms and Conditions page for details

I also help run sword meetings, write articles for, and organise internet communications for the Sydney Token Kai study group. The website link is in the right hand frame if you are interested in attending a meeting.








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